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Choir Biography

Under the direction of Sr Marana Saad, Saint Rafqa’s Choir has established its reputation as one of the leading choirs in Lebanon. The choir has participated in concerts alongside prominent orchestras, received many invitations to festivals, and has also collaborated with other leading choirs. The choir provides education in the field of sacred music —specifically Maronite sacred music and Lebanese classical music, for both choir and solo.

Rehearsals are held at Saint Rafqa’s Institute of Music in Jrabta. The teachings include musical formation in small groups as well as chorus vocal practice. The choir members receive weekly courses in music theory, solfège, musical listening, and liturgical formation. The instructors collaborate in the frame of a pedagogical orientation, based on the principles of deepening the Maronite sacred music.

Since its foundation in 2010, Saint Rafqa’s choir has celebrated Mass held on varied occasions, in churches large and small, all across Lebanon. The choristers’ main objective is to be servants of the prayerful expression of the Word through the medium of beautiful music. Music plays an essential role into the work of God that is the liturgy: It leaves an indelible expression on the minds of all who take part in the worship, as the choir’s conductress Sr Marana Saad believes.
The choir has created and contributed to numerous recitals across Lebanon. It has also participated in “La Contrebasse Voyageuse” in Montpellier, France (June 2013), as well as the “Friendship between choirs” Festival in Cyprus (September 2013.)

The choir’s objectives are to:

  1. Transmit the Christian message to the faithful.
  2. Animate the celebration of the sacraments and sacramental of the church for the glory of God, the sanctification and enlightenment of the faithful.
  3. Master the liturgical chanting and religious music.
  4. Protect the form and the repertoire of the traditional and contemporary Syro-Maronite sacred music.

Several festivals and occasions each year allow the choir to showcase their work, vocally and musically. Recent performance engagements include:

“Miladak Niyyi Hdiyyi” - 9 Christmas episodes on LBCI - December 2014.
Rafqa's musical theater, written and directed by Georges Khabbaz – March 2014
Sound recording for the movie “Ghadi”, written by George Khabbaz. 2013.
Concerts with Magida el Roumi and Charbel Rouhana.

CDs and DVDs:

  • - Rafqa - Musical Theatre CD – 2014
  • - Mother, Mirror of the Sky; CD of chants on the occasion of Mother’s Day (2011)
  • - Fawh Al Qadassa; religious chant on the occasion of the beatification of Brother Estephan Nehme (2010)
  • - Miladyat; Christmas chants (2008)
  • - The Mass according to the rite of the Syro-Maronite Antioche church, CD & DVD (2008)
  • - Alliance of Love and prayer, 14 sacred chants (2007).


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