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Nursing Home Care

"Stand up in the presence of the aged, show respect for the elderly and revere your God. ...
I am the Lord." - Leviticus 19:32

The Bible is clear and consistent in its message about those who are least able to care for themselves.

Our new nursing home, "Beit Rafqa, or the Home of Rafqa," is a place to honor, serve and love the elderly. It is a place to care about elderly people in many ways.

Beit Rafqa was born from hearts full of love and compassion on a saintly land. It aims to provide:

Rest to our elderly who gave us life, and sacrificed their lives for us.

It is a thanksgiving and a promise, to honor and respect the elderly in a warm home, that was built by generous people with good intentions and big hearts, under the eyes of our dearest Saint Rafqa who prayed with us and helped us.

Our nursing home, "The Home of Saint Rafqa," is composed from many Homes, so that the elderly feels that they are in a family environment, inside a Home.

It contains more than 50 rooms, almost 100 beds, with all the other amenities, such as church, restaurant, kitchens, sitting rooms, pharmacies, and guidance.

Mission statement
"The Home of Saint Rafqa" aims to provide the best possible physical, emotional and spiritual continuum of care for the elderly

We provide resources for persons to enjoy a healthy, fulfilling retirement and continuous health care within the spirit of Christian love and compassion.
Our first objective is to focus on happiness, exceptional services, superb amenities and exquisite cuisine, coupled with a range of organized activities.

Your volunteering will touch the lives of the residents and enhance their quality of life. "The Home of Saint Rafqa" is committed to making this a rewarding experience for you!


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